Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just started blogging..

I do not know whether its meant for myself or for others. But this desire to write or rather type in my thoughts and then let others read it was "in" there for long.
So just youtubed and found out as to how to start a new blog. And here I am.

I had this tremendous feeling of actually sharing my thoughts on various subjects with people.To actually let people know what I think about things and then get other's enthusiastic and constructive responses and inputs.Or is just that its weekend today??

The other thing is of relevance.Of course no one defines it precisely.In fact I have my own definition which may not be relevant to others at all. But all blogs seem to, on due course of time , point to few specific grey areas, unfinalized arguments, inconclusive point of views etc.And then it lets people go berserk.

One thing is clear though. I am not here to conclude. So essentially, judgment is out of question. But you never know.To put in black and white , I am here to put my thoughts as it is in black and white.

Still as a concept, blogs are actually a couple of minutes and hours late and a couple of revision refined and redrafted than an actual conversation.I would call it a "delayed" conversation. Or rather, a nicely delayed conversation.Or do I have more time than that?? Or is it not a form of conversation at all??

Whatever it may be, I see it as a platform to express one's opinions , viewpoints and concerns with ample opportunity to correct oneself.

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  1. haan sir ji....too much use of the word OR....I did understand it....but write more....more solidified confusions on more solid topics....waiting to read more